About Us

Kevin and Jude

  1. Who We Are

    • Numbers tells us stories. It can paint a vivid picture that can become powerful tools in our lives and in our businesses. We are number fanatics and storytellers. We are excited to share the stories of your journey and together paint a picture that can impact our loved ones, our families, our businesses and our communities. Our goal is  your financial success, we are ready to help you navigate this journey for years to come!
  2. Executives

    • Jude C. Lee, CRTP
      • CEO / Principal
    • Kevin S. Gil, CRTP
      • VP, Financial Analysis
  3. Your Financial Team

    • Success is teamwork, your financial team is comprised of tenured corporate accountants, degreed accountants, certified public accountants, financial analysts, enrolled agents, registered tax preparers and tax attorneys.
      • Bookkeeper: Your bookkeeper will ensure daily posting duties, reconciliations and monthly summary reports. Up to date best accounting and bookkeeping practices and tax and business law implications will be reviewed periodically for accurate and effective navigation and record keeping.
      • Financial Analyst: Your financial analysts will understand your business, realize the cashflows, trends, statistics and areas of opportunities. They will be drafting effective reports that will outline the inflow and outflow of your finances. Monthly calls will be conducted to review the reports and to  go over the details of your financial journey.
      • Tax Professionals:  Your tax professionals works with the rest of the team and making sure that the strategy of your financial planning and management  is geared towards best practices and maximizing your tax benefits. All taxes will be prepared with precision, punctuality and effectiveness.
  4. Giving Back to Our Community

    • As you partner with us, our partnership will be a key to our passion and our mission. We are dedicated in promoting hope, love and financial success not only to our clients but to our local and global community. 10% of our annual proceeds will be donated to help a cause that is in need of our attention through charitable contributions, pro bono services and volunteer works.


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